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CED coaters image
CED coaters
The entire coating process is executed in an airtight environment, eliminating entry of foreign matter or debris.

Die coaters image
Die coaters
The addition of a heater on the head has improved adaptability to temperature change. This machine is suited to high-viscosity base materials.
Gravure coaters image
Gravure coaters
The coater that is the easiest to use, guaranteeing stability in coat supply. The supply volume is determined through advance measurement.

Other coaters image
Other coaters
Coaters with various functions available to adapt to the target machine.

Floating dryers image
Floating dryers
Outstanding drying efficiency achieved through double-sided heating. Base material remains scratch free with contactless transport.
Unwinders & rewinders image
Unwinders & rewinders
Unique technology is used to minimize base material tail.

Other devices image
Other devices
Also available is the line of “cutting, pasting and connecting” devices designed byTechno Smart.

Lab finishing devices image
Lab finishing devices
Coaters used for corporate R&D. They delivery outstanding performance in the entire finishing process, even for samples.
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