Management Philosophy

Techno Smart’s management philosophy is founded on its corporate slogan of “Integrity,” “Action,” and “Revolution.”

  • Integrity

    Manufacturing top-class products with integrity to contribute to the advancement of our customers and of the regional societies and to the happiness of Techno Smart employees.

  • Action

    The creative ideas and strengths of all the employees are brought together to move forward in the creation of a global company.

  • Revolution

    Cultivating the pioneer spirit at all times to work for perennial business prosperity, even in the face of adversities at times, with the spirit of unrelenting and imperturbable enterprise.

Environmental philosophy

Techno Smart recognizes that the protection of the global environment is a vital issue that will continue to be important into the future. We will promote its business activities with conscious attention to the prevention of environmental pollution and to environmental protection by each and every Techno Smart employee in all aspects of its corporate activities.

Basic policy

  • Promote awareness toward environmental protection.
  • Establish goals and objectives in environmental protection activities.
  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations, as well as other requirements related to Techno Smart.
  • Promote maintenance and improvement in environmental management.
  • Contribute to local communities for environmental protection.
  • Entrench the environmental philosophy and basic policy to all employees and disclose information publicly as needed.

Code of corporate conduct

  • Compliance with all laws and rules and respect for their spirit in engaging in free and fair competition.
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction and furthermore the creation and provision of values that contribute to society.
  • Information disclosure to society as needed, to assure management transparency and soundness, and at the same time maintain the company’s corporate governance function for stable business growth.
  • Respect for each employee, his or her character and private life and create the environment and opportunities for advancement and maximum application of his or her skills and strengths.
  • Respect for cultures and customs of all nations, paying respect to the environment and contributing to social advancement.
  • Maintenance of fair and transparent relations with public organizations and the media.
  • Non-involvement with antisocial parties and organizations.

Techno Smart’s very own philosophy「C-5」

In order to deliver the highest quality to its customers, Techno Smart upholds its own philosophy of C-5 in product development.
Founded on the understanding that each of these five concepts are essential in product manufacturing, Techno Smart’s expertise and passion are poured into every product.

  • 『C-1』

    Closed Coating Liquid Supply and Coating Head
    Adoption of closed type applications

    Because coating solutions are airtight until the start of the coating process, variation in coating material concentration and viscosity between start and end of the process is kept extremely small. Not only that, formation of suds and entry of foreign matter are prevented, ensuring uniformity in product coating.

  • 『C-2』

    Clean room environments
    Equipment for Clean rooms

    Attention must be paid in numerous aspects for clean room devices. Clean room capability of coating facilities has become a requirement in manufacturing highly innovative, high-quality products of high added value.

  • 『C-3』

    Compact design

    Compact design for sections that require clean environments has helped reduce the total facility cost for clean room systems. This has realized maintenance of a high cleanliness level.

  • 『C-4』

    Cassette Change Coater
    Adoption of Cassette Change Coater

    The introduction of “cassette exchange” coating head has made coating system change and cleaning/maintenance easier, with coater replacement completed in a short period of time. This has dramatically improved the flexibility and operation rate of the factory.

  • 『C-5』

    Computerized Operation
    Introduction of Computer system

    State-of-the-art computer facilities have been introduced for product groups undergoing increase in precision, complexity and diversity. This has enabled prevention of entry errors, data maintenance and management and design catering to customer needs.

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