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A group of professionals in coating and floating technologies to watch over the full range of finishing experiment from planning to test operation

Techno Smart believes that “we must never fail to satisfy customer needs, even when we are able to deliver the most outstanding technology and high-quality machines.” We create “truly valuable products” every day through communication with our customers.

Product groups

  • Coaters for high-tech optical and functional film
  • Chemical processing machines for engineering plastic film making line
  • Coaters for high-speed, thin-film coating line
  • Chemical processing machines for other industrial materials
  • Coaters for high-tech research laboratories
  • Fabric machines for advanced function products
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Techno Smart’s technology information

Techno Smart’s outstanding product groups that meet broad-ranging needs

The test staff at Techno Smart is a group of professionals with extensive experience in the full spectrum of finishing experiment from initial planning to completion of test operation.
With a wealth of experience and knowledge, our staff offers proposals to resolve problems for you from a wide range of perspectives.

About technology information

About us

About us

We will endeavor to become a company that is sympathetic to society through corporate activities with a view to preserving the global environment,
as well as through manufacturing reliable products.


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