INVESTMENTIR information

Investor information

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While appropriately disclosing information to shareholders, we will increase corporate value and meet expectations through sustainable growth.

Basic policy on profit sharing

Our policy regarding profit distribution is that we should determine the amount of dividends according to our business performance based on the fact that we can continue to pay stable dividends while maintaining internal reserves necessary for strengthening our corporate structure.

Medium- to long-term company management strategy

As a high-precision manufacturing machine manufacturer, we aim to be a top global company by incorporating the latest technology, develop products according to the needs of customers, and strive for global activities.

Corporate governance

Basic concept of corporate governance

We believe that maximizing our corporate value for all stakeholders, including shareholders, and improving management transparency and efficiency are the key points of corporate governance.For this reason, we will promote the separation of the management decision-making / supervision system and the business execution system, establish a swift and efficient management / execution system, and work to realize highly transparent management with the participation of outside directors.

Corporate governance system

The Board of Directors of the Company is composed of 6 directors (including 2 outside directors). We acquire and dispose of important assets, make decisions regarding important organizations and personnel, and supervise business execution.
The Company has an Audit & Supervisory Board consisting of outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members. The Board of Corporate Auditors consists of three corporate auditors (including two outside corporate auditors), one of whom is full-time. In addition, one of the outside corporate auditors meets the requirements for an independent officer set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In accordance with the audit plan prepared by the Board of Corporate Auditors, each corporate auditor is responsible for the validity of policies, plans, procedures, effectiveness of business implementation, compliance with laws and regulations, etc., over the entire business activities. Audits are conducted through attendance at meetings, inspection of important documents, investigations of consolidated subsidiaries, etc., and these are reported to the Board of Corporate Auditors. In addition, we receive reports and explanations regarding audits from the accounting auditor as needed, and we are also considering financial statements and supplementary schedules.
In addition, regarding matters that require legal judgment, we receive appropriate advice while maintaining close relationships with outside experts such as corporate lawyers.

Efforts to enhance corporate governance

As mentioned above, the Board of Directors meets once a month, and extraordinary Board of Directors meetings are held as necessary to establish a flexible management system.

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